The artist in Mendoza, Argentina

The artist in Mendoza, Argentina

the creative world of Sherri Carter

I became an artist at the age of two when I pulled a small radio into the sink with me where my mother was giving me a bath. My hair stood on end and my little body was thrown back as mom quickly pulled the plug, saving me, unharmed. My theory is that all of that extra electricity sped me along the path of enlightenment, as I have never questioned what it was that I wanted to do with my time on the planet. Its also explains the visions.

As a child I drew and painted my way across every surface I could find. My best friend was named Brownie and she carried me through summers on her broad pony back, and watched me at dusk as I caught fireflies in our Ohio back yard. A bigger red horse carried me through college. I found more paper to draw on while studying in moody Amsterdam and beautiful old Italy.

After graduating I lived in my grandmother’s house to be close to the herd of Amish draft horses who lived across the street. They were a constant source of inspiration and offered the best parts of their giant souls to me and my work.

Eventually I patted the big horses goodbye and moved to Northern California where I am now happily covered with paint most of the time. I have exhibited my work extensively in Humboldt County over the last several years. I have sold many pieces to wonderful people from here and places far away. I am thrilled to be able to ride some fabulous horses these happy days... one a tall smiling Friesian named Maryka, her soul as big as the night sky in Calistoga, the other; Tentadero, my hot Lusitano love, who glides so smoothly I could drink Champagne up there all while he watches out for fighting bulls with just one eye. These two are my muses now, black and white, opposites, inspiring a new series of work which is coming soon.